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Do you feel like...

Maybe you'd like to...

* Sugar and carbs sabotage you on a regular basis? 

* You're tired of the aches, pains, and lack of energy? 

* You feel the need to hide in the back for pictures?

* Put on your jeans and feel comfortable and confident! 

* Stop comparing yourself to others and be content with who you are. 

* Have a sustainable weight loss method that actually works long-term.

I Can Relate...

I was in a vicious cycle of fad dieting for 20 years!  

I felt like a loser when I noticed that I was the heaviest in the room...

I was trying my hardest but not succeeding...

2017 Down 30 pounds............Circa 1995 ------->

Fast forward 7 years, I had lost some weight but realized that something in my body was different

I just didn’t know what it was. 

That's when I dug in and began trying a new approach... and it worked! 

I lost 30 pounds and feel fantastic!

Here's The Best Part:

I've taken all this information and drilled it down to share it with my clients in...

If you...

  • Are tired of the losing the same stubborn weight 
  • Feel controlled by sugar and carbs 
  • Want to be part of a powerful community of women
  • Are ready to feel proud of yourself in your bathing suit
  • Want to avoid weight gain during the holidays 

Join us!

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Class begins in...


What we'll cover in Sugar Breakthrough!

12 coaching calls will cover these topics: 

Phase 1: Kick cravings to the curb with Stacey's Sugar Detox.

Phase 2: Get your head in the game & manage your mindset.

Phase 3: Stop the diet rollercoaster and make this your LAST diet

Phase 4: Have a life without feeling deprived

* GUEST ANN GENTRY, "Real Food Pioneer" & Founder of Real Food Daily: Ann will be discussing BRAIN HEALTH & ways to keep our neurological system healthy & disease free as we age.

Phase 5: Routines to make weight loss easy

Phase 6: Avoid deprivation, stay satisfied & cut the cravings



Are you tired of making empty New Years Resolutions?

How would it feel to... 

* Get rid of the "diet" mentality? 

* Try a new approach that marries the best of science with your real life? 

* Be part of a warm, welcoming environment where you're not just a number? 

Hear what people are saying about working with Stacey… 

Here's what Jenny has to say!

"I have been thrilled with my results from group coaching with Stacey Portugal...I have learned proper nutrition and how to view food as fuel for my body. ...Stacey has continued to guide me, via group and one on one discussion, to use interim goals that will lead to my overall goals. I highly recommend Stacey's program as well as her coaching. My life has been more open and welcoming to change thru this!"

Join us!

Class begins on 10/19/19

Favorite quotes from current Sugar Breakthrough members:

"When I get off the call, I feel like I've had a jumpstart"

"Weight loss is about self-care."

"Once you get focused, it's like a snowball that gets bigger & bigger"

"A bad day isn't bad moment"

"...I feel like I'm doing something positive."  

"This group; we support each other, we're kind to one another...& this keeps me going"

"When you're eating well, it helps you to be mentally fit"

"We're not always going to say no to things."

"I know I can do this; I'm gonna have ups & downs"

"I now have a firmer committment to what I want" 

"I don't talk to anyone during the week about this stuff, just to this group"

"This is a suport group; it's more than just weight loss"

Sugar Breakthrough is a 12-Week small group coaching program (10/19/19-1/18/20) which includes the following:  

  • Weekly support conference calls: These calls are designed to answer questions, provide information and explore the 6-Pillar Weight Loss Method of the Sugar Breakthrough Program so that you can lose weight, gain energy and tame temptation. All done with lots of laughs in our high vibe group of women. :-)
  • 1 private check-in call with Stacey: This call can take place at any time during our 12 weeks together and will give you the 1:1 support you need. 
  • A private FB group (Stacey monitors 7 days per week) to answer questions and provide support: Group coaching is designed to be inspiring, supportive and collaborative! Stacey is there for you every step of the way!
  • All PDF’s and videos: There are 6 modules that will educate you about nutrition, strategies and much, much more!

Join us!

Meet One of Our Guest Speakers:

Meet Ann Gentry, known as the Real Food Pioneer, who is the founder of Real Food Daily restaurants in LA. Ann's an author & cook and hosts her own cooking show Naturally Delicious which airs on Dish Network. Ann has appeared on The Today Show, The Talk among other TV shows and will be talking to our members about brain health and the affects of lifestyle & nutrition as we age.


*What diet plan do we follow? We follow a low carb plan and begin this 12-week program with a sugar detox so that you can rid yourselves of sugar cravings from the getgo and build the confidence you need that you got this!

*What if I can't make a call? All calls are recorded for your convenience.

*What day and time are the video conference calls? The day and time are both determined by the group.

*Is the diet plan hard; will I be hungry? No! The diet plan is simple and delicious, and you will not be hungry because there is plenty of food!

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