Do you find yourself habitually sabotaging your diet?

You know better, yet you make the same mistakes over and over again…

Are you struggling with your pantry every afternoon?

Trying out the latest health fad and getting nowhere…

 Having a hard time communicating with your teenager/husband/co-worker?

Are you plagued with negative self-talk?

“Manage your Mindset Workshop”

We will be discussing a revolutionary framework for managing your thought process

in order to get the results you deserve

on the scale

at the office

in your relationships

Please join me, Stacey Portugal, Board Certified Coach

as we discuss the groundbreaking work from Marilee Adams, PhD

6/26 & 6/27 7:30 PM via conference/video call

(the call will last 45 minutes)

This class will have a limited amount of participants

Save your spot via email: [email protected] (Subject line: “I’m in”)