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Are you tired of fad dieting and feel ready to find the optimal solution personalized just for you?
Do you need guidance with best practices for health and weight loss?
Do you feel like you work hard at weight loss but have yet to reach your goal?
Are you looking for accountability and guidance?

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What’s the difference between private and group coaching?

  • Private coaching is ideal for those who learn best in a one-on-one environment. Coaching is a relationship that develops over time and life coaching involves creating action steps and accountability each week. Life coaching helps you to reach your highest potential by clarifying goals and identifying the steps to attain them.
  • Group coaching is best for those who enjoy community discussions and are looking for a more social approach to weight loss coaching. Group Coaching is personalized but clients are not expected to be accountable in the group setting (unless they want to be).

What’s the difference between the group coaching diet and the diet you’d recommend for private clients?

  • Group Coaching is for those who wish to reduce or eliminate sugar and wheat in their diet. It is at the core of most weight problems. However, when I work with clients privately, I assess what they need and personalize a diet plan to suit their particular needs and lifestyle. Of course, reducing the sugar and wheat in your diet is a healthy fundamental goal for anyone and I highly encourage this way of eating.
    Those who choose to work with me privately can expect a deeper dive into their diet and lifestyle and this may also be best for those with special circumstances.

Is coaching done in person or on the phone?

  • I primarily coach people over the phone (we can also do a video chat if you prefer) however, I do offer in-person coaching. If you would like pricing for this option just let me know.

What day/time do you coach?

  • That completely depends on both of our schedules but I work 7 days per week and can accommodate most schedules.

If I work with you, how much weight can I expect to lose? 

  • The average healthy weight loss will be 1/2 to 2 pounds per week overall. This is for your entire journey to goal and may vary week to week.

What happens after the first month of coaching?

  • After the first month, the amount we meet is based on your needs and your budget; we can meet for an hour, half hour or do 15-minute check-ins. Feel free to contact me for more information on this.


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Private Coaching Includes the following:

  • 4 calls of up to 1 hour each

  • Basic Skills of Weight Loss

  • Top Tips for Guilt-Free Dining

  • Food List and Guidelines

  • Unlimited support in between calls


“… I really thought it was easy and reset my taste buds…I ate very well on the plan! I have lost my cravings for sweets. Afternoon snacks are now veggies and hummus, yogurt with cinnamon, hard-boiled eggs and nuts-that kind of thing. It was very easy to ignore the cake offered by my friends. Having my hot tea with me helped! Thanks for the tips…I don’t know if it’s connected but my hot flashes have stopped during the day and cut in half at night. I feel very good and plan to keep paying attention to the foods that keep me feeling this way! Thanks so much.”

“…Stacey was one of the most relatable and inspiring of the leaders. I joined her weekly group coaching sessions drawn into the deeper dive into topics that resonated to me. I liked the idea of a conference call and a dial-in for replays, which was easy to incorporate into my schedule.”

“Stacey discusses subjects like impact of artificial sweeteners, clean eating and consistency. She has new and practical ideas to incorporate to day to day living. Most important to me is that I learn from Stacey, it’s not the same generic mantra you hear over and over again. She is knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge to enable progress and a sustainable path to well being. “

“Stacey’s mid-week podcasts are a boost too. Short, sweet and informative. She is always mindful of meeting the needs of her audience. She uses meeting time productively and is willing to think things through with you to come up with a new way to look at things or just a practical plan.”

“Stacey is unique and I am grateful for the benefit of her knowledge and insights.”

“I have been searching for a personalized approach to wellness and nutrition and I have found that in my personal coaching sessions with Stacey. I appreciate that we work together to find the best plan for me. It is obvious that she has done her research and really cares that we find an approach that is satisfying and sustainable. She helps me understand that from week to week or month to month things change and there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.”

“I have been thrilled with my results from Shake the Sugar with Stacey Portugal. My results on the scale are supported greatly from the results I’ve seen off the scale. I have learned proper nutrition and how to view food as fuel for my body. I chose to continue this program as I create a new lifestyle that is healthy for me and my family. Thru this process, I’m finding that food can be fun once a proper relationship is created. Stacey has continued to guide me, via group and one on one discussion, to use interim goals that will lead me to my overall goals. Her belief in me and her ability to allow me to set the pace thru action steps has been monumental in this entire experience. I highly recommend Stacey’s program as well as her coaching. My life has been more open and welcoming to change thru this!”

Private Coaching with Stacey

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