Manage your Mindset for Weight Loss

Today we’re talking about the wolf in sheep’s clothing that is sure to sabotage your weight loss

Can you guess what it is?


 It’s your MINDSET

The vicious cycle of unwanted behavior begins with the chatter between your ears

It takes an enormous amount of self-awareness and problem-solving skills to avoid this pitfall

This is exactly what we will be diving into in this self-guided workshop

Manage your Mindset for Weight Loss

You will learn about the connection between our inner thought process, the actions we take and the results we get

Are you your own harshest critic?

Learn how to tame the chatter in your head and get the results you desire

How would it feel to lose weight and keep it off?

This self-guided workshop includes:

  • A workbook to guide you through the process of mindset awareness
  • A video introduction by Stacey Portugal, BCC