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Are you…

Frustrated with lackluster weight loss? 

You’ve put A LOT of effort into diet plans but the weight loss is SO SLOW even though you are following the plan to the “T”!

Overwhelmed with health information?

You’ve got paralysis by analysis and just don’t know where to begin or who’s information you actually believe. So, you accomplish NOTHING.

Sick of the hot flashes & out of control weight gain?

You are having dinner with friends and all of sudden you break into a massive sweat! You’ve spoken to your doctor and have been prescribed hormones to control  your out-of-control hormones and you are just not comfortable with this. You’d love to find a more natural solution that might balance your hormones.

How about…

Tired of losing the same 10 pounds?

On the diet merry-go-round? Do you have “shiny object syndrome”? In the cycle of starting/failing every diet plan that comes your way but only leaves you feeling defeated. Sure, you may have lost a few but the weight comes right back on as soon as you “quit” dieting.

Feel like a slave to temptation & cravings?

Food is controlling you rather than the other way around. You feel like you’re the ONLY ONE who cannot pass up dessert or the breadbasket (and then that dessert only leaves you wanting MORE SWEETS). Ugh.

Feel that your abundant life makes weight loss too complicated?

You live an AWESOME life but are thrown for a loop at parties, playing cards with friends or when traveling (SO fun!). When faced with any sort of temptation you simply throw the plan out the window because you’re just not sure how to handle it.

I Can Relate…     

I was in a vicious cycle of fad dieting for 20 years!

I would go to the bookstore (back in the day when there were bookstores!) as soon as the latest and greatest diet book came out.

I remember walking into the store SO FULL OF HOPE that this WILL BE THE ANSWER I WAS LOOKING FOR.

The problem was, I lacked support and guidance to make their program work for ME. I was lucky if I could stick to ANY diet for longer than a week!

Needless to say that I became TOTALLY FED UP with my lack of progress.

Food was controlling me and I knew I needed help.

After feeling very down and defeated…I decided to give in and get some help by joining a local weight loss program that stressed COMMUNITY and COMMON SENSE.  I felt very at home and I lost 22 pounds and got to goal. Yay!

BUT, there was something missing…

My weight loss was excruciatingly SLOW and I never achieved my personal goal.

Fast forward 7 years, I had been helping people lose weight on this very same plan but, something didn’t feel right for me.

The more I helped people along their journey the more I realized that something in my body was different. I just didn’t know what it was. Other people just seem to have an easier time losing weight and, for me, it was a struggle. I cannot blame the plan; it was my body that was fighting the weight loss.

So, I decided to TAKE ACTION and got the education I needed TO HELP MYSELF

What I Learned Has Totally Increased My Confidence That: 

  • I Can achieve sustainable weight loss And Get My Personal Goal! 
  • I Have The Skills to get back on plan after a slip-up. Like any human on this planet I have bad moments, sometimes even bad days! (GULP) I have eaten at restaurants with friends and consumed breads and desserts and have gotten back to my fighting weight within 24 hours.
  • I Have Discovered That Travel Is Possible And Enjoyable On (And Sometimes Off) Plan. Even after traveling for 4 weeks I have maintained my weight within 2 pounds.
  • I know what My Body Responds To and have used the low carb/ketogenic framework as a basis for understanding my own personal level of carbohydrate tolerance.

Here’s The Best Part:

I have the privilege of sharing this program with all of you!

I’ve taken all this confusing information and drilled it down to simple habits & lifestyle choices so I now get the RESULTS I DESERVE.

After losing 29 POUNDS I feel more energetic than ever before, clear headed (screw menopause) and I can easily pass up tempting foods (unless I CHOOSE a treat and eat with INTENTION).

Most of all, it’s given me the confidence that I can do it while traveling, attending social events or right in my own kitchen!

I am ready to get results!

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Could A Low Carb Diet Be Right For Me?

  • Do you have stubborn pounds that just won’t come off?
  • You feel as though you put in an awful lot of effort in dieting but are seeing only lackluster results?
  • Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance and looking for a more natural solution?
  • Do you feel as though food is controlling you rather than the other way around?
  • Is brain fog affecting your ability to learn new skills or perform at your best?
  • Has your energy taken a nosedive?
  • You may be a little intimidated by low carb living but you are open-minded and ready to learn

This simple & easy to follow approach will help you identify your optimal carb intake so you can lose weight, tame temptation & balance your hormones.

Topics Covered During My Custom Carb Solution 8-Week Group Coaching Program:

How to Keep your “Why” by your Side

Identifying your reasons for participating in this program and the benefits you desire. We will work together to gain a deeper understanding of why you joined and what you hope to achieve. This serves as effective motivation throughout your journey.

What is the Difference between Low Carb & Nutritional Ketosis and is it Necessary for Weight Loss?

This is an “un-sciency” explanation of how your fat-burning metabolism works and the ins & outs of achieving and maintaining a low carb lifestyle or nutritional ketosis. We will explore simple and easy to understand strategies to make this method work for you and ways to personalize it for your own body and lifestyle.

Methods to Determine Your PERFECT Low Carb Solution:

I will explain the various methods to achieve nutritional ketosis or live a low carb life so that you can make an educated decision about where to begin and how to tweak your plan so that it suits your palate and your lifestyle. This topic will reveal how customization makes this program sustainable and suitable for everyone.

EXACTLY What to Eat (and HOW MUCH):

This is the nitty-gritty of this plan and we will exchange meal ideas and recipes throughout the 8 weeks so that you have clarity about how to achieve your personal goals while living your abundant life.

Not Losing Weight and Plateaus. UGH

Yep, it can happen and I am here every step of the way! I will be presenting the tools that can be used to get past lackluster results and get you to the next level.

Making Macros EASY

Here is where this program differentiates itself from others: I will help you understand the power of macronutrients and we will discuss calories in/calories out in relation to this topic. We will be translating all the macro mumbo-jumbo into easy to understand meal formulas. I will clear up the myths with simple and easy to understand concepts so that you can ditch the drama and embrace the science.

How to get MORE FAT

You read that right! This is the biggest challenge for newbies and we will spend LOTS of time talking FAT so your food is delicious and contains enough fat to help you reach your goals. No eating sticks of butter here (unless you want to of course!).

Emotional Eating. UGH

It happens to all of us and is very common. In this unit, we will explore the reasons for emotional eating and have an in-depth discussion about why we do this and how to rewire your brain so you can get past this common hurdle.

Avoiding the Deprivation Dilemma

Hey, it’s natural to want treats or to crave comfort foods. We all relate! This discussion will leave you full of ideas to customize YOUR program so that you can ditch deprivation and stay consistent.

Maintenance, Traveling, Restaurants and Social Events on a Low Carb Diet

Yes, it’s possible to live your abundant life and stay on a keto diet! We will explore these topics along with maintenance and how to move forward beyond weight loss. YOU NEED A LIFE and I am here to help!

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BONUS: Routines That Optimize Weight Loss

• A guide that contains 44 ideas to create new routines to optimize your chances of weight loss success

This program may NOT be a good fit for you if:

· If you have health issues that include uncontrolled blood sugar and are not under a doctor’s care

· You are not a big fan of group coaching; inspiring, listening and encouraging others is not your thing.

· You have a tough time with technology and a conference call or Facebook is beyond your skill level

· You cannot imagine your life without your daily dose of sugar

Here is what people are saying about working with Stacey…

“Stacey discusses subjects like impact of artificial sweeteners, clean eating and consistency. She has new and practical ideas to incorporate to day to day living. Most important to me is that I learn from Stacey, it’s not the same generic mantra you hear over and over again. She is knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge to enable progress and a sustainable path to well being.”

“I have been so impressed with Stacey Portugal throughout My Custom Keto journey. Stacey is incredibly knowledgeable about all things health & Keto and she is extremely thoughtful, patient and inquisitive during each of our calls. Stacey does not have a cookie cutter approach. She meets each individual where they are at and goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients feel supported. I would recommend Stacey as a coach to anyone- she is incredible!” —Danielle S

“… I really thought it was easy and reset my taste buds…I ate very well on the plan! I have lost my cravings for sweets. Afternoon snacks are now veggies and hummus, yogurt with cinnamon, hard-boiled eggs and nuts-that kind of thing. It was very easy to ignore the cake offered by my friends. Having my hot tea with me helped! Thanks for the tips…I don’t know if it’s connected but my hot flashes have stopped during the day and cut in half at night. I feel very good and plan to keep paying attention to the foods that keep me feeling this way! Thanks so much.”

My Custom Carb Solution Is An 8-Week Group Coaching Experience And Comes With The Following:

  • Weekly support conference calls designed to answer questions, provide information & explore the methods of My Custom Carb Solution so that you can lose weight, gain energy & tame temptation and cravings.
  • 1 fifteen minute check-in with Stacey. This call can take place at anytime during our 8 weeks together and will give you the 1:1 support you need.
  • A private FB group that I monitor 7 days per week to answer questions & provide support. Group coaching is designed to be inspiring, supportive and collaborative!
  • All PDF’s and video, including the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eguide that you can dive into immediately after registration so that you can begin your health & weight loss journey RIGHT AWAY.

I am ready to get results! 

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