The Calorie Dilemma

There is a big controversy in the world of nutrition

To count or not to count

That is the question

Why some say NOT to count calories:

it’s not an accurate measurement due to the margin of error on nutrition labels

it’s hard for any database to be 100% accurate not every variable can be accounted for

(like the ripeness of your fruit)

all calories are not created equal (the quality of your food counts)

perpetuates perfectionism

Here are my thoughts and why I think counting calories and tracking overall is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to lose weight and get healthy

Even though calorie counting is not a perfect science…it’s a start



reveals patterns of behavior

very useful as a tool to design a well-balanced diet

can be motivating for those who are data driven

with tracking comes measuring so you know how much you’re eating

Counting calories alone isn’t a cure-all but overall tracking technology can provide loads of info that you and your practitioner can use to problem-solve


You have difficulty using the tracker as feedback and get easily discouraged

The logistics/technology is difficult for you

You suffer from perfectionism, depression or an eating disorder

Not to worry if it doesn’t work for you…

There are other ways to design a well-balanced diet