I struggled with my weight my whole life; I tried every fad diet out there and the only thing I accomplished was one more reason to feel like a failure. I couldn’t understand why I had so much trouble sticking to a diet; I craved certain foods and had a hard time passing up temptation or staying away from the pantry. I was down on myself because I felt like I was doing something wrong. Why did I lack willpower? After about 20 years I got support for my weight loss efforts and took a deeper dive into my own lifestyle & behavior. I began to create habits that were conducive to weight loss and I felt better (and lost weight) but I still couldn’t reach my personal goal. I adhered 100% to commercial diets but the weight loss was slow & frustrating. Once I realized that I was consuming too many carbohydrates & sugary foods (even my “diet” foods!) everything changed!

Through the processes of life coaching, an understanding of nutrition and behavior and over 12 years of experience, I help women curb their cravings so they can easily pass up temptation and land at their ideal weight.

I am results driven and service oriented. I invite you to have a consult with me at your convenience to explore the possibility of having a coaching partner in your journey to good health.

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