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I struggled for over 20 years with fad dieting; I felt like a failure and decided to go to Weight Watchers for the support I needed and a diet that was realistic and sustainable. One year later, in 2009, my life changed for good as I hit my goal and became a Weight Watchers Leader, allowing me the opportunity to work with many members to help them achieve their weight loss goals. This experience was the catalyst for my desire to learn more to help others who struggle with weight loss and the surrounding issues.  As a Board Certified Life Coach and a PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach, a Leader and Trainer at Weight Watchers and Co-Founder of, I have dedicated myself to furthering my education, spreading the word of wellness and helping others take their health and weight loss to the next level.
Through the processes of life coaching, an understanding of nutrition, behavior and other factors that interfere with a healthy lifestyle, I meet my clients where they’re at and make the process easy and customized for their lifestyle. I offer one-on-one and group coaching and most of my clients work with me via phone or conference call but in-person appointments are available as well. I offer support between sessions to ensure your success.
I am results driven and service oriented. I invite you to have a consult with me at your convenience to explore the possibility of having a coaching partner in your journey to good health.
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I am a concierge weight loss coach and this first month’s package includes:

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